Okay, You Have A Computer, Now What??
Quick tour of your computer.  What makes it work?  What are the features of a computer?  Learn to feel more confident moving around screen to screen, site to site.  What do you do if your computer freezes?
Word processing:  Write letters, emails, recipes and send to printer. No more typewriters.  It's fun, effective and efficient.  
Starting an email account can be confusing.  Hundreds of people try to do it on their own, but get fed up and just give up.  Email isn't difficult once you've been given the BASICS of how email works.  Our course will teach you the process of email and keeping in touch.
Video Chat.  The new way to see your friends and your family, see grand kids and talk to them.  Be involved in birthday parties, special occasions and all thanks to the science of the internet an Video Chat.
Our course is

Everyone gets a chance to participate.  No one left out.

How do we do it?  It's called video conferencing.  Our classes are held on a popular website where your instructor would be the moderator and sets up the time and all pertinent information for the meeting site.  You are notified several days before the next meeting so you can join the class and learn. 

Even if you have limited knowledge about getting "on line", this is very, very simple to do.  If you can point and click the mouse on your computer to a link that will be provided...... You're IN!!
Your instructor is available from 7 a.m. to midnight if you get stuck on something.  You would only be an email,  text message or video chat away from help.

Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you and seeing you in our meeting room.
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"The Dreaded Internet".  Learn how to navigate from site to site safely.  Popular sites.  Safety on line.  Credit Card safety.  Stored passwords.  And much more.
Pictures, treasured memories!  A bit hard to see the full affect of a picture when you have condemned your picture to your cell phone or camera.  Well.... No worries.  You will learn how to transfer your pictures to your computer, and some additional fun stuff that goes along with pictures.  Even e-mail your pictures or if someone sends you a picture, where does it go?  How do you get it?  All will be answered.
Downloading pictures, documents, etc.  Where does it ALL go?  Your computer has the capabilities of overriding your command, especially when it comes to downloading something from the internet, document or correspondence. Oh, and don't forget your pictures. You will learn how to find your "download" and how to tell your computer where you want ALL documents to end up where you can find them.
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